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Phase 1 Vegetables

Sometimes it can be hard to remember which categories Phase 1 vegetables fall into, so that’s why we created this quick guide. Keep this close by next time you are measuring your veggies! 

<Phase 1 Vegetable Guide>

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Vegetables That Keep

Vegetables like lettuce and leafy greens don’t last very long in the fridge, so stock up on hearty Phase 1 friendly vegetables like kale, cabbage, rutabaga, and celery root. They will last for weeks if stored properly.

<Hearty Vegetable Storage>

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Food Storage

Did you know that eggs can last in the fridge for at least five weeks?


Making healthy choices doesn’t need to be complicated. Stay on track with your weight loss goals by shopping for food that you can either freeze or keep fresh in the refrigerator for an extended period. And don’t be afraid to stock up on eggs; not only are eggs a great source of protein, but they have amazing shelf life too!

<more food storage tips>

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Sleep and Weight Loss

People who don’t get enough sleep often find they have increased appetite, impaired impulse control, feel less satisfied after eating, and generally consume more food. Try getting enough sleep this week, and see how it affects your productivity, your appetite, and your general health!

<more on sleep and weight loss>

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Now more than ever, it’s important to keep organized. When arranging the food in your kitchen, give the healthiest options prime real estate. For example: place fresh vegetables front and center in the refrigerator or place higher-carb products at the back of your cupboard. ⁠

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Sweet Cravings

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Ideal Protein Scale

Keep your weight loss on track with the Ideal Protein Scale. Precisely measure and monitor your progress from home with intuitive and informative graphs.


Bluetooth technology - syncs with Ideal Protein App. In stock and available.

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Measuring Tape

Body measurements are important indicators of health and progress during weight loss. The Self-Measuring Guide references seven important measurements that should be taken on a weekly basis.

Black nylon wristlet and lightweight design - 80 inches (205 centimeters) long

<Self-Measuring Guide>

It’s normal to crave something sweet now and then and you might be fighting more sweet cravings than normal right now due to current events. However, you don’t want to allow your sweet tooth to keep you from reaching your weight loss goals. Click the link for five strategies to help you manage your cravings for sweets. 

<5 Tips>

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