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Have you ever considered the costs associated with hanging onto those extra pounds? Here are 5 ways you might be letting your hard-earned wages slip away!

1) Eating out - a conservative 'dining out' budget for a few lunches and a couple evening meals each week is $70, or $3600 per person per year.

2) Transportation Costs - driving when we could and maybe would be biking and walking if we had more energy or were in better shape. 2000 frivolous miles per year adds up to more than $1000.

3) Clothing - owning a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear is frustrating and expensive! A weight gain of 8-15 pounds could send you shopping and prompt you to abandon your budget as you search for something that makes you feel better about yourself.

4) Loss of Productivity, Opportunities, and Wages - health and well-being affect our outcomes. With energy, confidence, and a clear head, we produce more results and are apt to take more risks that lead to growth.

5) Medical Expenses - what starts out as a few co-pays and a bottle of ibuprofen could lead to steep medical costs. A 2016 study conducted by Express Scripts states that 870,000 Americans spend more than $50,000/year on prescription drugs.

Need a good reason to lose weight? Getting the weight off is a [fiscally] responsible thing to do!

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