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Have you been postponing weight loss because you're too busy serving others? Perhaps you can't even find time to eat, let alone eat a diet that promotes health. So the food you eat is the food that shows up, and you believe a poor choice is better than no choice... you've got to eat, after all! Over-scheduling and overeating are common ways to turn up the noise over what really needs attention in your life. You may justify your activities as your purpose in life, but sacrifice should never be self-sacrifice.

Have you ever needed to use the restroom but just held on to keep at whatever you were doing? What a familiar example of a signal our body gives us that we can so easily ignore. When it's becomes urgent, we respond! If you have become accustomed to putting up with feeling less than fabulous, your conditions may be chronic, meaning they are 'manageable' but could be brewing into something bigger under the surface.

When a baby needs to eat, the baby lets you know (urgency) and you take care of the baby. As we mature, we no longer rely on others to meet our basic needs. We're supposed to take care of ourselves, but sometimes we're not so good at that. When we fail at self-care, dis-ease (stress, anxiety, excess weight, aches, and pains) results as a physical manifestation of unmet needs. This is your body talking! Turn down the volume in your life and listen.

Waiting until it's urgent puts you out of the game. If you need help, ask for help! When you take care of yourself, everyone wins!

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