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Each color in the visible light spectrum has a different effect on the human body. Red light therapy harnesses therapeutic red light wavelengths that deliver a non-invasive supply of natural light to your skin and cells. The mitochondria in your cells are always at work making more energy to fuel your body. The more energy your cells make, the better your body functions and the better you feel.



Numerous studies beginning more than forty years ago with NASA have cited many health benefits as well as superficial enhancements including, but not limited to:

Counteracting UV Sun Damage

Diminished Wrinkles, Scars, and Stretch Marks

Acne and Wound Healing

Reduced Inflammation


Medical Grade RED LIGHT THERAPY Equipment

Our high-quality, full body light therapy device is equipped with 5,000 German microchips that deliver the specific wavelengths found to be the most therapeutic part of the light spectrum, without harmful UV rays, heat or side effects. The close proximity of the pads to your body provides maximum absorption of light to be metabolized by your skin and cells. These microchip LED lights are imbedded in six separate pads that can be wrapped around target areas: typically arms, mid-section, buttocks, and thighs. Additionally, we offer a seventh component to treat your face and neck during the same session!


RED LIGHT THERAPY for Body Contouring

While Red Light Therapy has been used for a variety of health benefits, an impressive side effect has been the permeability of fat cell membranes, allowing these cells to release fat and toxins. Using this technology, you can safely and effectively target stubborn fat in problem areas with NO DOWNTIME, NO SURGERY, and NO PAIN! 


Unlike other popular treatments, fat cells are never destroyed during our treatments. Fat cells serve an important metabolic function so they are drained of their contents but left intact. Your body, through its normal detoxification process, will eliminate much of the fat and toxins over the course of the next 24-48 hours.


Your Personal RED LIGHT THERAPY Experience

We offer a comfortable spa setting where you will relax face up on a treatment table. The six LED pads will be placed on the areas of the body you wish to target. You will relax and enjoy the warmth of the lights for 20-25 minutes. Many of our clients experience deep relaxation or wake up energized after a 20-minute power nap. 


Following the light treatment, you will spend ten minutes on the Whole Body Vibration plate to enhance the performance of your lymphatic system and sweep that fat away!


As part of our comprehensive service, we offer periodic photography and measurements to help you track your progress.


Contraindications for RED LIGHT THERAPY

Red Light Therapy is safe and has never been shown to produce any serious side effects; however there are certain contraindications that may prevent you from using our therapy:


Pregnancy or Nursing

Compromising Liver Conditions

Active Cancer


Competing Skin Therapies


Please consult with our LipoMelt Body Contouring Technician for additional information.

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