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Sharing positivity has never been more important, so shout out to Madelene who reset her body to lose 88.2 pounds and reset her outlook to anything is possible.


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Let’s hear for Spencer Buttenshaw! Spencer tapped into his inner confidence and lost 94.1 pounds. Bravo!

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Tiffany reset her body to burn 50 pounds and reset her spirit to exude confidence. Bravo Tiffany!

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Margie C. Reset her body to burn 112 pounds: “I AM DETERMINED to take what I've learned about healthy eating…and not gain the weight back.”

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A round of applause for Virginia Leyen! Virginia reset her body to burn 100.6 pounds and reset her inner voice to deliver determination. Way to go!

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Now more than ever it’s important to celebrate our successes, so let’s hear it for Drew, who lost 57 pounds and reset possible!

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Let’s celebrate Emily Mach’s success! Emily reset her body to burn 43 pounds and reset her spirit to love herself. ⁠

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Let’s hear it for Patricia who tapped into her inner power and lost 156 pounds. Bravo! 

Let’s celebrate Teresa Tollevsen’s success! Teresa tapped into her inner determination and lost 60 lbs. Well done Teresa! 

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