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Embark on a 12-week wellness journey utilizing the Ideal Protein lifestyle protocol. 

Phase 1 - 4 weeks* exploring the benefits of nutritional ketosis

Phase 2 - 4 weeks transitioning into our newly designed stabilization phase where you will tune into your body’s signals to discover your unique Macro Code: your “sweet spot” to manage hunger, cravings and weight gain. 

Phase 3 - 4 weeks of coaching on using the maintenance tools in your daily lifestyle.


This is a perfect opportunity to reset and re-educate with our improved tools for maintaining your Ideal weight.


*If you need more than four weeks of Phase 1, we can customize the program to your needs. 

You'll see the very best results when you commit to the full experience including

  • weekly 15-minute coaching sessions,

  • the protocol (food and supplements),

  • keeping a food log (paper or app), and

  • utilizing resources provided to keep you motivated and on track.


Your 12-Week Challenge starts when you are ready. Pick your start date and sign up below to get scheduled for an appointment ahead of your kick-off date!

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